Tango Argentino Intensive Course (Weekend)

Welcome to have a taste of Tango Argentino. 🇦🇷🇫🇮
In this two INTENSIVE days (4hours)🎭

🔶We will introduce a taste of tango, as a constant creation of movement expressing our feelings inspired on the present moment, in connection with each other, developing our sensitivity through warm embrace, learning how to dialogue with the uniquenes of each person.
The 4 clases in 2 days are for all levels.. with intensive fast pacing and very detailed explanations.

🔶 Saturday 13.00🕐
1 🎵class: Beginning of movements in coherence with torso and legs, and with each other. Walking, embrace. (Musicality)
Saturday 14:00🕑
2 🎵class: Circular movement. Disociation. Ochos. Nice combinations. (Musicality)

Sunday 14:00🕑
3 🎵class: Giros. Variety of options, dynamics alterations, Applied Technique.
Sunday 15:00🕒
4 🎵class: Di Sarli vs Pugliese (slow and endless movements for contrasted music)

🔶 Kumpulantie 1 2nd floor “Tango Club Helsinki”

⚫️Registration at tangoargentino.fi@gmail.com

🔴Price of the entire course 60eur per person

☑️ Bring confortable clothes and dancing shoes (if posible, as we have a sensitive floor} or/and villasukkat. We advise you to bring your own partner and clame 10eur discount for the 🔷Couple🔹
Class by Nancy ➰ Hernan