Jorge Pahl & Veronica Palacios in Helsinki 26/28.5.2017


Hello Tangueros!Due to Omar injury on his knee and to the 6 month rest that he would have to take now in order to be as good as new, we need to announce the change of leader for this Seminar.We are glad to introduce for the first time in Helsinki Jorge Pahl & Veronica PalaciosBorn in Buenos Aires, Jorge began his Argentinean tango career at the age of 17, working in different Tango Houses like “El Viejo Almacen”, “Café Tortoni” and “Michelangello”.In January 2000, he joined the prestigious Tango House, La Esquina Carlos Gardel, as a permanent dancer, where he shared the stage with Juan Carlos Copes, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Hermocida, Carlos and Inès Borquez, Carlos Gavito , Pocho Pizaro, Nito and Elba and Carlos Copello, assuming an important role in the animation of the show.His “Tango Salon” was worked with the great maestro “El Pibe Avenalleda”, his favorite teacher, but also influenced by other great dancers like Sergio Del Bono, Sergio Cortazzo, Omar Caceres, Fabian Iruskeibelar …
Great teachers and own feline and sensual style!
He is accustomed to say that “he dances with his heart”, hates to choreograph his demonstrations, and frequently he changes at the last moment the music on which he had chosen to dance,to be faithful to his mood of the instant inspiration.

So does it affect his partner? No, because it will make sure to transmit to her all that the music inspires, and, with its know-how and his great technicality, will guide them to highlight it the skills.His wish, when he dances, is to communicate what he feels both to the public and to his partner, and that she keeps, engraved in his memory, the sensations that she had while dancing with him.Since 2007, he lives in Barcelona where he teaches tango classes and animates a weekly milonga, “Mala Junta”. At the same time, he regularly teaches in France, Italy and Germany during regular courses and courses throughout the year.He has performed in numerous shows and festivals, with different partners.Veronica knew Jorge in the years of “The Esquina Carlos Gardel”, of which she also integrated the troop. They were not stage partners but became great friends and had occasion to dance from time to time together at the time in the milongas of Buenos Aires.It was not until last year that they made their first demonstration at the milonga “Mala Junta”, during a trip from Veronica to Barcelona, , Always in improvisation.

The spectators got excited and encouraged them to work a little more together and share their respective knowledge and feelings.Veronica danced with the biggest goal of “to have fun”, during the milongas of Buenos Aires. All this gives her that “little extra” which can not be learned easily.At the same time, she started a series of tours of shows, festivals and courses that brought her to the four corners of the world: Russia, Latvia, USA, Canada, England, Austria, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Uruguay, China, Lebanon … and of course Buenos Aires.This led her to imagine a sharp pedagogy, imprinted with technicality, but whose primary purpose is to promote the essential element, which is not visual, communication in the couple, sensation inherited from the “old milongueros”, but Also graceful elegance and sensuality in a respectful interpretation of the various tango orchestras.

The themes and times for the Tango

Seminar are :FRIDAY 26.51. – 18:00/19:15 Milonga Lisa & Traspié, games with rhythmical twist for Milonga2. – 19:30/20:45 Tango, The importance of interpretation from 7 fundamental elements that creates a contrast against a plain and automatic way of dancingSATURDAY 27.5 3. – 13:00/14:15 Tango, dance resources for improving your social dance skills, learn how to transmit consistently from the embrace focusing on your connection4. – 14.30/15.45 Tango, sacadas technique in structure of giro, creating and breaking the structureSUNDAY 28.5 5. -13:00/14:15 General Tango Technique for both roles but individually approached 6. – 14.30/15.45 Tango, Movement suitable for dancing the melodic orquestas against Movements suitable to dance the rhythmical orquestras, and how to conbine them. SUNDAY MILONGA Kaisaniementie 6 – Ravintola Kaisaniemi20:00 / 00:30 DJ Enanche – Argentina!Place fri 26.-sun 28.5 🙂 Kumpulantie 1 A 2.nd floor Helsinki. Tram number 9 to pasila leaves you right in front of the door.Classes are highly focused and on a seminar mode only 12 couples as max per each class. Prices 25 eur per class Pack of 6 classes 120 eur You can register with or without partner, we change couples with single registreés , and fill up places in order to sign in order and roleRegister to lessons to sen email to : or TXT/call to +358 40 5815347Milonga with show in Sunday  night at Ravintola Kaisaniemi Bienvenidos!