Omar Quiroga & Veronica Palacios in Helsinki 26/28.5.2017


We are Super glad to announce the visit of Omar Quiroga & Veronica Palacios (Argentina) to Helsinki 26.- 28.5 2017

Omar and Veronica are a very remarkable couple. They taught and performed at various festivals in Russia, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Austria, England, Uruguay, China and Lebanon.

Recently they played the starring roles in the film “TANGUERO“, an Italo-Argentine production, and participated in the documentary “Milongueros“. Their unique style combines the salon heritage with a modern touch of Tango Fantasía, their graceful elegance and sensuality serve a respectful interpretation of the individual fashions which differentiate tango orchestras.

When teaching, Verónica & Omar aim to convey the importance of communication within the couple where the essence is not the visual side of the dance, but an intimate sensation inherited from the old milongueros. Veronica & Omar aim to show and teach how to achieve a perfect complicity between the dancing partners, allowing the follower to express her feelings in a pair with the leader. They also teach how to have fun while respecting the distinctive style of each orchestra.

Omar & Veronica will present you a set of very suitable instructions for Tango Argentino Dancing starting from the Improvers level (3 months) to advance.
The themes and times for the Tango Seminar are :

1. – 18:00/19:15 Milonga Lisa & Traspié, games with rhythmical twist for Milonga
2. – 19:30/20:45 Tango, The importance of interpretation from 7 fundamental elements that creates a contrast against a plain and automatic way of dancing

3. – 13:00/14:15 Tango, dance resources for improving your social dance skills, learn how to transmit consistently from the embrace focusing on your connection
4. – 14.30/15.45 Tango, sacadas technique in structure of giro, creating and breaking the structure

SUNDAY 28.5 
5. – 13:00/14:15 General Tango Technique for both roles but individually approached
6. – 14.30/15.45 Tango, Movement suitable for dancing the melodic orquestas against Movements suitable to dance the rhythmical orquestras, and how to conbine them.

Place fri 26.-sun 28.5 🙂 Kumpulantie 1 A 2.nd floor Helsinki.
Tram number 9 to pasila leaves you right in front of the door.

Prices 25 eur per class
Pack of 6 classes 120 eur

You can register with or without partner, we change couples with single registreés , and fill up places in order to sign in order and role

Register to lessons to sen email to : or TXT/call to
+358 40 5815347
Private classes, Individual or in couple, with one or with both teachers is by appointment only. Book your time from Thursday until Sunday, the earliest clas starting at 11:00am
writing to this any  e-mail from the list below

Milonga with show in Saturday night will be announced soon!