Last days with Maximiliano Paradiso in Helsinki

Dear Helsinki  Tangueros

My friends Hernan Dionysus Ohaco traveled for a while and left me in his place for sharing with you , how naturally ! , easily ! and fast ! we can can learn Tango , enjoying with passion , having fun , and being playfull as it was the tango from the beginning in buenos aires .
Come today , monday !! and for the next 3 mondays more , for learning in a relax atmosphere from 6 to 9 pm that will be a whole
i will be teaching a series of intensive workshops that will take you to the next level
of your dancing !!!

al lessons are for all levels and will have a sense of flow fom beginning till end . Will be better for you to understand if you Stay from beginning 6 till end at 9 pm
we will begin from 6 with …
warming up
Tango awareness ..
we will develop sensitivity , connection and communication in the couple
Organic Structure
using the best and most effective way of moving and dancing for each one .
100% improvisation
we will understand and we will have fun learning how to improvise in real time , using all the elements from previous teachings.

What? Tango Argentino for all levels
When? Every Monday from 18.00 to 21.00
Where? Ravintola Kaisaniemi – Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki
How Much? 15 eur per class or 95eur per 8 times

Bienvenidos a Bailar Tango ArgentinoMaanantai ! Kaisan ja Hernanin ( ARG ) tangotunnit Ravintola Kaisaniemessä,tunnelmallisessa ravintolassa, jonka Catharina ”Cajsa” Wahllund perusti vuonna 1827. Sen katsotaan olevan Suomen vanhin yhtäjaksoisesti toiminnassa ollut ravintola.Osoite: Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki. 18-21 tango discovery training !! . Monday tangolessons in Kaisaniemi, Kaisaniementie 6, warmly welcome!
see you!!!
Maximiliano Paradiso