The Summer schedule will be hosting different Tango groups, we will specify the focus of each course.

The class at Astorian Salli are already a classic of the Tango Salon in Helsinki.
We want to give our students the right feeling of being on a place where you can dance your style without worrying about floor and space issues, specially on the summer time when the thermometer hits the the red stage.
The focus of the course is on musicality, connection balance and creativity.
Classes starts on Monday 13.6 from for total beginners without any experience.
during the second hours we go a bit deeper on the next level of dancing, different styles and a lot of interaction on the Intermediate level.
Astoria Sali (Iso Roobertinkatu 14) Kaisa & Hernan Tango Salon

Tuesdays, (8 classes)
The classes at Salmisaarin Liikuntakeskus will start one week later on the 21.6 and we will focus in a more slow approach towards the basics of Tango, we will work with Susa every single aspect of the movements and fitting into the music from level 0.
The studio at Salmisaari has a wonderful floor and a really nice view to the lake, also the facility of a large parking please just out the door from the building.
As we always want to work confortable we will only take into this course 10 couples.
Salmisaarin liikuntakeskus (Energiankatu 3) Hernan & Susa

Wednesdays, (8 classes)
The wednesdays classes are aim for profesionals of the dance  with any dance background that is interest on going into Tango world, or for intermediate and advance  Tango dancers. There will be very little talking and a lot of action. Solo techniques and mini choreographies is where the focus will be.
Salmisaarin liikuntakeskus (Energiankatu 3) Hernan Tech and Choreo
During the courses we will have sometimes visitors from abroad, Tangueras that will be focusing more on ladies technique.
We will always announce on week before who is the visitor if any.

Prices will be 15eur for a single class and 12 if you get the entire course (8 weeks)
There will also a possibility to buy a monthly card where you can attend all the classes you want plus one private class per month.
You can now choose your Tango Argentino card at our store

Get your shoes ready for dancing Tango Argentino!