Summer Courses to be announced this week!

After a wonderful visit to Helsinki by Fabian & Lola we are almost ready to announce the Summer courses and new packages for our students in Helsinki

The Summer schedule will be hosting different Tango groups, we will specify the focus of each course when we announce it.

The places that we will use and the scheduled times are.

Mondays – Astoria Sali (Iso Roobertinkatu 14) Kaisa & Hernan Tango Salon – 18.00/21.00

Tuesdays – Salmisaarin liikuntakeskus (Energiankatu 3) Hernan & Susa 19.00/21.00

Wednesdays – Salmisaarin liikuntakeskus (Energiankatu 3) Hernan Tech and Choreo 19.00/21.00

Get your shoes ready for dancing Tango Argentino!