THANK YOU – Festival Accomplished!

It was such a wonderful festival! We want to thank all our great maestros, who brought their tango and their beauty! All our quests, who came from near and far! Our DJ’s who created musical magic! Our artists of the camera who captured all the most beautiful moments! We shared so many nice moments this week-end – learnt new things in the classes, shared warm embraces during the milongas, all together forgot to breathe watching the performances, let the beautiful music inside our hearts and our body. Demos were fabulous! Theater was fabulous! Grand milongas brought new and old friends together! BIG THANKS TO ALL TOGETHER AND EVERYBODY IN PERSON!
We are very glad to announce more events soon

The Tango Argentino Finlandia team

Martin Alvarado with Mikko Helenius (Voice & Bandoneon)
Diego Riemer & Natalia Cristobal Rivé (Performers and Maestros)
Omar Quiroga & Veronica Palacios(Performers and Maestros)
Hernan Ohaco & Kaisa Saarinen (Organizers, Performers and Hosts)
Mikko Kemmpe (Presentator and Host)
Aleksander Prischepov (Guest Artist)
Olga Plakhova (Event Organizer)
The red Shoes Tango Band (Live Music)
Noora Nietosvuori and Katri Kantola, violin
Vilma Räikkönen and Sini Kuusela, accordion
José Casallas Fernandez, guitar
Malla Lounasheimo/ Marja-Helena Ojanperä, contrabass
Elina Kettunen, piano
Anja Voipio Co Director
Giuseppe Clemente (DJ)
Jari Aalto (DJ)
Kirill Krasikov (DJ)
Caius Andreas Bruun (Oficial Photographer)
Hannele Tarja Voutilainen (Assistant)

Here some very good videos from our Maestros during the Festival.