La Milonguita de Helsinki – Dec 29 –

Meanwhile the festivities are getting over, La Milonguita is welcoming dancers from Helsinki & suburbs to try the traditional Argentine social dance.
Welcome to the second Milonguita TUESDAY 29.12 19:00- 22.30
The place is the Restaurant Allotria in Hämeentie 68
Dj will play traditional Argentine Tango, Vals & Milongas
The floor is open untill 22:30 when the Last Tanda and La cumparsita will be announce as the end of the night.
Entrance fee 10eur
The place is small (80 people max) but with a nice view to the urbanism and a great menu with interesting selection of food and drinks.
The space is not just for dancers but also for public in general, if you are planning to spend a Tuesday evening out with friends or with a special one please write us an email and we can reserve you a table or just come and take your chances, Improvising is most of the times a great choice.
Dj Jari Aalto