Monday Class Special

It has been a great season at the Astoria Sali, during this 2015 we had listen to the most typical tangos from all the eras and we went few times deep into the musicality of a particular orquestra.
Understanding the music and its roots was the key but there was also few convinations that we managed to twist in order to create a simple but delicate dance. Well done!

Astoria Sali will be closed for until the middle of January so, today we will have our class review on a Drop In mode.
The Drop In concept means that you can add you presence to the class and grab one of the concepts explained and start to work it freely. The exercises will go from simple to complex and the music is traditional tango.If you do have a partner is better and from time to time we will rotate partners (not mandatory). If you dont have a partner you are still welcome we will sharp your techique either you are a leader or follower.

Use of the cabeceo is alowed on Drop In mode .