The Red Shoes Tango Band Project

The red shoes Tango band is a Helsinki based project with a vision for the “Neo Tango Classico”.

The Project aims to re discover the Argentinean Tango with a futuristic but at the same time classic perspective, for this first presentation we have chosen to Tribute the music of legendary Tango composer, arranger and bandoneonist  Astor Piazzolla.
More projects with the band coming up!
So the Red Shoes is a project of Pasional Tango Productions
The musicians are
Noora Nietosvuori, violin
Vilma Räikkönen, accordeon
José Casallas Fernandez, guitar
Marja-Helena Ojanperä/ Malla Lounasheimo, contrabass
Elina Kettunen, piano
Hernan Ohaco Direcccion Artistica &
Anja Voipio-Mansnerus Direccion General
©2015 Helsinki – Finland
“Redistributions may not be sold, nor may they be used in a commercial product or activity.”