Show TANGO Group is Open from Monday

Welcome to dance the Monday away at The beautiful venue on IsoRoobertinkatu 14- The Astoria Sali will vibrate at the sounds of Beautiful Tango Argentino.
18:00 – level 1 Tango Salon + intro warm up
19:00 – level 2 intermediates of Tango Salon
20:00 – Show Tango group, Tango Fantasia! We have the first meeting to start a new choreographic works..
* for this advance class, please bring your most comfortable clothes and shoes, we will get the windows steamed!
This Monday 14.9 and Thursday 17.9 we will start working on a new choreographic challenge for every one interested on stepping one step further into the soul of Tango Argentino.
First meeting is on Monday and Thursday at Astorian Sali in the center on Helsinki, IsoRoobertinkatu 14.
We will start basic solo movements at 20.00 and setting the couples into the dancefloor to try a basic routine until 21:00