Giglio Giovanni comes to visit Helsinki 16-23.01

Vielä ehtii aloittaa, jos viime maanantai jäi väliin , 18-19  tervetuloa! 19-20 tango salon- tunti niille, jotka hallitsevat perusteet ihanan boleo-seminaari 20-21, missä keskitymme hiomaan potkut uudelle tasolle 🙂 Voit tulla ilman paria tai parin kanssa, ja tango-kortti käy, liikuntasetelit tai kertamaksu 15e/h. Tervetuloa!!


Kevät 2017 tunnit/ Spring 2017 lessons




Kevään tunnit alk 9.1 Maanantaisin

18-19 alkeet/basic

19-20 jatko/intemediate+ advanced

20-21 special themes advanced

Voit tulla oman parin kanssa tai ilman, vaihdamme pareja, mutta omankin parin kanssa saa toki tanssia. 8 tunnin kortin 95 e voit ostaa ennen tunnin alkua, myös liikuntasetelit ja smartum-setelit käyvät. Kortti leimataan aina ennen tunnin alkua, joten et maksa niistä kerroista, kun et pääse paikalle. Voit rekisteröityä tai tulla suoraan tunnille. Lämpimästi tervetuloa!



Little Christmas Tango Classes

In Christmas Week edition we have warm hugs and ho ho ho hoooliday moves prepared to you and continuation with pipari, candies, and surprizes. 2 lessons normally and we end the year with 1h free mini practica/get together !

18- 19 Beginners/ Basic level
19-20 Intermediate/ Advanced level
20- 21 Free Practica
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Ravintola Kaisaniemi

Kaisaniementie 6, 100 Helsinki

Warmly Welcome

Hernan & Kaisa

Monday classes with Hernan & Kaisa in Helsinki

December classes are on at Ravintola Kaisaniemi with the Drop in mode, every one can join the classes independent of levels but still we will have the original set up.

18:00 Beginners

19:00 Intermediates

20:00 Advance/Show group

The subject for this monday, Open & Close Embrace, is common to all levels and starts from the very basic to advance. Leading and following technique and musical awareness are esential and we will see in on the first hour. On the Intermediate levels we will develope a way to enrich the technique and connect with different rythms,  on the Advance we will introduce set of soltadas aplied to a choreography, hands on and a lot of dancing time is a promise.

Price is 15 EUR per class or 35 EUR the 3 classes. Tango Argentino Cards are accepted.

Place: Ravintola Kaisaniemi


Giggio Giovanni in Helsinki

We are getting ready to host another Tango Argentino Maestro from Argentina during November
Giggio Giovanni has an amazing knowledge of the Milonguero Style for Social Dancing, a great knowledge of the Tango Argentino music, with a traditional Buenos Aires Neo Style on his dance skills,  he will be visiting us from 21.11 until 1.12 when Hernan will return to normal activities in Helsinki.
More info coming up soon!

Last days with Maximiliano Paradiso in Helsinki

Dear Helsinki  Tangueros

My friends Hernan Dionysus Ohaco traveled for a while and left me in his place for sharing with you , how naturally ! , easily ! and fast ! we can can learn Tango , enjoying with passion , having fun , and being playfull as it was the tango from the beginning in buenos aires .
Come today , monday !! and for the next 3 mondays more , for learning in a relax atmosphere from 6 to 9 pm that will be a whole
i will be teaching a series of intensive workshops that will take you to the next level
of your dancing !!!

al lessons are for all levels and will have a sense of flow fom beginning till end . Will be better for you to understand if you Stay from beginning 6 till end at 9 pm
we will begin from 6 with …
warming up
Tango awareness ..
we will develop sensitivity , connection and communication in the couple
Organic Structure
using the best and most effective way of moving and dancing for each one .
100% improvisation
we will understand and we will have fun learning how to improvise in real time , using all the elements from previous teachings.

What? Tango Argentino for all levels
When? Every Monday from 18.00 to 21.00
Where? Ravintola Kaisaniemi – Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki
How Much? 15 eur per class or 95eur per 8 times

Bienvenidos a Bailar Tango ArgentinoMaanantai ! Kaisan ja Hernanin ( ARG ) tangotunnit Ravintola Kaisaniemessä,tunnelmallisessa ravintolassa, jonka Catharina ”Cajsa” Wahllund perusti vuonna 1827. Sen katsotaan olevan Suomen vanhin yhtäjaksoisesti toiminnassa ollut ravintola.Osoite: Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki. 18-21 tango discovery training !! . Monday tangolessons in Kaisaniemi, Kaisaniementie 6, warmly welcome!
see you!!!
Maximiliano Paradiso