Tango in Helsinki on Mondays 

Maanantai 26.09 Kaisan ja Hernanin ( ARG ) tangotunnit Ravintola Kaisaniemessä,tunnelmallisessa ravintolassa, jonka Catharina ”Cajsa” Wahllund perusti vuonna 1827. Sen katsotaan olevan Suomen vanhin yhtäjaksoisesti toiminnassa ollut ravintola.

Osoite: Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki. 18-19 alkeet, 19-20 jatko, 20-21 show group . Monday tangolessons in Kaisaniemi, Kaisaniementie 6, warmly welcome!

Monday 26.09, kaisa and Hernan (Arg)  Tango Classes will be held at Ravintola Kaisaniemi, it is considered to be the oldest continuously operating restaurant. 

Address: Kaisaniementie 6, Helsinki. 18-19 basics, 19-20 further, 20-21 show group. You are  warmly. Welcome!


Tango Salon intensivo in Helsinki

Dear Students, Friends & Colleagues,Cynthia Urbano is coming back to Helsinki to have an intensive Tango weekend. 


Friday 23

Intermediates Class – Hernan Ohaco & Cynthia Urbano

Tango Salon

Place: Helsinki Salsa Academy

Availability for 15 couples only

Price: 25 eur
Saturday 24


Ladies Technique Seminar – Cynthia Urbano

Place: Helsinki Salsa Academy

Availability for 20 participants only

Price 50 eur
Sunday 25


Embrace and Connection Seminar – Hernan Ohaco & Cynthia Urbano

Place: to confirm

Availability for 15 couples only

Price: 50 eur

Practica “Don Satur”

Place: Helsinki Salsa Academy

Price 10eur
Special Packages

Couples Package includes

Friday Class , Sunday Class and Practica

for 2 participants

Price: 150eur per couple

* In addition, the ladies that purchase the couple Package get a discount of 10 eur (20%) on the Ladies technique seminar.

Please write an email to to reserve your place, there is already only few places left.


Monday Tango goes Artistic in Helsinki

Atencion!New location for this coming Monday 12.9

This Special Edition is in cooperation with Proartibus Gallery right on the intersection of Iso Roobertinkatu & Annankatu.

We will do our regular program of 3 classes in the middle of a Art installation with amazing gaze to the silent streets of Helsinki´s distinctive Barrio de Punavuori.

Bienvenidos a Bailar!

No Experience or Partner needed today!!!
*if you want to know a bit more about the location and the Art Gallery please follow the link below.


Tango Argentino in Helsinki – Monday Special!

The classes in Astoria on Mondays are already a classic in Helsinki. We will use Astoria most of the times but there will be also some evenings of social dancing after the intermediate classes this will happens ones every month and we will announce it here well in advance but most probably it will happens on a different location like Casino Helsinki for example.
The regular classes at Astoria are focusing on musicality and the use of basic elements for a great improvisation, the classes works on a drop in mode at all levels. Its the perfect place for anyone to get out of the confort zone and try tango at will, the big space and great floor allows you to have enough space to take yoru learning experience to a fun moment of dance.
 – You will learn how to dance while having fun and without pressure at the beginning level.

 – At the Intermediate level you should be able to pick up instructions and asimilate movements on a more faster pace.

 – During the Show Group class we will work Choreographic elements that require a bit of experience to follow, be ready for teh challenge🙂

The clases are build with sense of continuity, that means that you can attend to the first hours and continue to challenge yourself on the second hour.

What? Tango Argentino for all levels 

When? Every Monday from 18.00 to 21.00

Where? Astorian Sali / Casino Helsinki

How Much? 15 eur per class or 95eur per 8 times

Follow the link to buy the card On-Line
Bienvenidos a Bailar Tango Argentino

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Intensive Weekend Seminar for Total Beginners

First tango steps OR Back to basics –
Weekend intensive seminar for beginners and those, who want to refresh the basics.
We will explore the basic  constants of argentine tango:
– Connection through the embrace. Trust and contact between two people during the movement.
– Posture. Comfort and balance. – Walk, basic movements and technics for men and women.
– The basics of musicality.

When?  Saturday 13.8 at klo 14.00 – 17.00 Sunday 14.8 at klo 14.00 – 17.00

Where?  Tanssiurheiluseura Master
Mekaanikonkatu 3B, 00880, Helsinki

Who?  Hernan Ohaco (Argentina) & Kaisa Saarinen (Finland)

How much? 75 eur for 6 hours per person

Do I need a partner for the class? Better in a couple, but register even if you don’t have a partner, that won’t be an obstacle for this class.

Bienvenidos! Please, register: or Get the Pass on the following link

About the venue

  • modern, spacious dance halls, which have flexible wooden parquet as their surface. This surface eases the pressure that is applied on the legs of dancers. Modern audio system also brings in a taste of comfort into your practice.

  • Mirrors on the walls of our dance halls ensure that you can follow your own movement and see yourself while you train.

  • 4 spacious dressing rooms

  • 4 bathrooms and a shower

  • A spacious entry hall, where you can watch dance videos and use our coffee machine

  • Dance equipment store, where you can find dance shoes and other dance related equipment

Our studio is located between the center and the East side of Helsinki in Herttoniemi. More specifically it is located in between Herttoniemi and Siilitie metro stations. There is a lot of parking space around the studio. More specific information on how to get to our studio here:


Classes de Tango with Cynthia Urbano starts tomorrow

Couple Technique for Tango Salon with Hernan Ohaco (argentina) & Cynthia Urbano (Argentina)
Cynthia and Hernan have dance together several times improvising the social dance and have taken seminars together with Javier Rodriguez, one of the best references of Tango Salon worldwide.
During the minicourse we will focus on the minimalistic part of the dance focusing on a relax connection and elegant way of dancing. Walking techniques, Giros and embelishments for both, the leader and the follower.
Finding how every move can fit different parts of the music.
The course will be of 2 classes of 90 minutes.
Day: Thursday Part 1 from 19.00 to 20.30 – Friday Part 2 rom 19.00 to 20.30
Price: 19:00 to 20:30 – Place Helsinki Salsa Academy ETELÄ-HAAGA: Isonnevantie 16B
Price 25 eur per class 40 eur for the entire course
no registration needed but if you prefer to reserve your place you can register for the course by writing to

Ladies Technique with Cynthia Urbano ( Argentina)

Cynthia Urbano, from Buenos Aires living in Barcelona, has been teaching tango the last 8 years. As Physical education teacher too, in her lessons she focus in help students to feel the body and reorganize its position in order to relax and flow, to learn how to embrace, connect and dance with independence and confidence.

Themas of the Ladies Technique Intensive Workshop
Posture – Balance – Change and control your body weight – Control of body center – Feet work and connection to the floor – Standing leg/free leg – Tango walking – Dissociation – Tango embrace without tension – Connection while dancing – Ochos – Giros.
Price for the entire Lady Techniques course Saturday and Sunday 75eur (6 hours)
Only Saturday 50eur (3 hours) from 14.00 to 17.00
Only Sunday 50eur (3 hours) from 14.00 to 17.00
Place Helsinki Salsa Academy ETELÄ-HAAGA: Isonnevantie 16B

Argentiinalainen tango – tekniikkaworkshop naisille
Cynthia Urbano on argentiinalainen tango-opettaja sekä liikunnanohjaaja, joka on opettanut tangoa jo 8 vuotta. Workshopissaan Cynthia keskittyy opettamaan kehonhallintaa ja asennon korjausta, jotta tanssi on rentoa ja tanssija oppii liikkumaan sulavasti ja itsevarmasti. Työpajassa keskitytään myös oikean tanssiyhteyden luomiseen, jotta tanssija oppii seuraamaan vientiä, tanssimaan itsenäisesti ja nauttimaan tanssista. Workshop rakentuu kahdesta päivästä ja on suunnattu kaikille argentiinalaisen tangon harrastajille.
Intensiivityöpajan teemat:
Ryhti – Tasapaino – Kehonhallinta – Oman akselin hallintaa ja sillä pysymistä – Jalkatyöskentely ja yhteys lattiaan – Painonsiirrot – Kävely – Selän/lantion kierto – Oikea tanssiasento – Yhteys tanssipartneriin – Ochos – Giros.
2 pv workshop: 75 EUR (6h)
Lauantai: 50 EUR (3h)
Sunnuntai: 50 EUR (3h)
Lämpimästi tervetuloa!
register for the course by writing to